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This seasons Champions League Final is being played at

Rory Fitzgerald

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Champions League..........no, seriously !


"It's an absolutely massive game," said the Australian. "We have started the season tremendously well. I think Liverpool will be a bit wary at meeting us this week, and we're looking forward to it.



"It's our biggest game of the season. This is like our Champions League final.



"It's not just the game at the weekend, it's the bragging rights afterwards. I know a lot of big Everton supporters who feel every single kick, so I think I'll be getting a kicking if we don't win!



"You can't play for this club if it's not in your blood. You change because people tell you so many stories about the history and what it means to be an Evertonian.



"Every single player that has been here for a while really relishes playing in these games. They all know this is the biggest game of our season.



"I understand that all games are supposed to be all the same, but they aren't the same; it's Reds v Blues and that's it."



Cahill also told of how the build-up to the game has already started between players from both teams, and that he reckons midfield will be the key area at Goodison on Saturday.



"There is loads of banter between the players leading up to the game," said Cahill. "I speak to Harry (Kewell) a lot, even though he won't be playing next week, and John (Arne Riise) is my next door neighbour. (interesting)



"It is a massive key that if we can get things going in the middle of the park then we can really play some football and some big things can happen this weekend.



"The boys are really starting to bond together now and there is a really good feel about the camp, and I think the supporters can see that too.



"I don't think there's a tighter knit unit in the Premiership."




Must be tough for Tim to have been beaten in the Champions League Final on the past 3 occassions :D

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