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  1. uppsala


    We played 12 games in 33 days from Nov 30th to Jan 1st. Most teams played a minimum of 10 games in that time. The idea we can't play 9 games in 6 weeks is laughable.
  2. uppsala


    Are supermarkets closing when a staff member tests positive for covid-19? I'm Not claiming to be any sort of expert but I'd say a reported case of covid-19 at my local Tesco is a way bigger risk to public health than an isolated footballer. ...yet Tesco is still open
  3. uppsala


    I'm both cynical and a total prik. Never the less I believe teams lower down their divisions will use the covid-19 situation in an attempt to save themselves from relegation.
  4. uppsala


    Prem to lose 1.2bil if season isn't finished. La liga 768mil. Bundasliga 915mil. Bundasliga back in training this week.
  5. uppsala


    Between November 30th and Jan 1st (33 days) most prem teams played 10 games. (Liverpool 12) 9 games in 3 weeks is more than achievable given the rest the players will have had. As for Match Fitness, all teams are in the same boat so there's no unfair advantage to be gained there. Karen Brady is a disgrace.
  6. uppsala


    The under leagues have to be cancelled because they work other jobs and so cannot self isolate.
  7. uppsala


    Just heard Jose Mourinho say exactly this on BeinSport.
  8. uppsala


    Me too. I think a lot of reporters have their own agenda. I can't imagine a single Leicester player right now saying he doesn't fancy continuing the season.
  9. uppsala


    Few people moaning over the season finishing behind closed doors. Not ideal but as long as it's finished, who cares?
  10. Let's be honest here If Klopp had named a full team and told them he wanted to win, we'd have battered Chelsea there.
  11. We need a fully fit team to play Athletico. Would anyone here trade 1 of our European Cups for 3 FA Cups? That's why I don't understand people being upset that we played 6 fringe players against Chelsea and lost.
  12. So does anyone really think Klopp will name this same starting 11 against Athletico at Anfield? hahahaha of course not. Because the Champions League is worth playing for. Everyone calm down
  13. Why do you bother having the swear words cut on on here btw? hahahahahaha I mean who gives a f***?
  14. Hey..... I didn't name the team Bet Klopp doeant lose a minutes sleep tonight. Neither will I to be honest.
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