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Fans around you at the game?


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First home game of the season, ok weather, good footballing team to play against, good away support (in numbers and vocal), really up for it. Had a seat in the paddock, mid way between Anfield Road end and half way line. Five past three, seat to the left and in front still empty - about 5 in total - then I sensed people arriving from the left. Tea, pies, crisps, coke, on mobiles chatting away oblivious to the game having started - and these were the adult never mind the kids. They arrived at the seats and then began musical chairs whilst X wanted to sit next to Y etc.


At about the moment, Aurelio's free kick was cleared, one of the began with ' f***in' Garcia should have followed that it, he's s****' and thus was set the tone for the remainder of the half with, Garcia, Crouch, Agger and Aurelio either s****, not fit for the shirt or in some cases both. As Gerrard gave away possession, it was 'hard luck Stevie, that's 'cos he's knackered covering for Garcia'.


I asked them to shut up a few times but it became difficult. At half time, I talked to one of the the older fellas, who told me they had got season tickets for the first time - knew someone in the ticket office(!) - and if it was going to be this crap they wouldn't have bothered.


With about 10 minutes to go, they got up having further abused Bellamy and Zenden and telling all who could hear that Benitez had no idea and we'd be lucky to finish top 4.


They were all local guys and embarrassing - with the most supportive thing they were shouting being 'f*** off West Ham', "Who are you?" and "You're not singing anymore".


The question is if you sense that our fans at home are becoming just another crowd of bores or have we already got there?

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