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mourinho moaning about liverpool again

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few extracts from some new chelsea book where he goes on about himself and his place in history oh yeah and Liverpool .



"the disappointing FA Cup semi-final against Liverpool at Old Trafford - was that for once Mourinho's strategy and tactics were criticised. For a manager who has frequently gambled shrewdly and won, and who successfully introduced a diamond midfield at the end of the season to win games, this was a novelty


"Well, first of all, I'm happy with the critics," Mourinho said. "I won so many times and people routinely see my team win and win, and when we lose they have to go for something and I'm happy they go for my strategy.


"On the day of our champions parade, it was all Liverpool and Liverpool parade, and a Chelsea photo in the corner of page 34 or 28. It's absolutely amazing. It's absolutely amazing. So I think we are fighting the establishment and I am quite happy with it. I always used to say that the media can manipulate the people ... That's obvious. Media goes to your house every day through television, through newspapers, through the Internet, through public opinion.


"I think Chelsea, with the effort of the last years ... Roman bought the club, changed the club, brought Peter Kenyon, changed the manager, changed players, does a lot for English football, does a lot for kids, does a lot for society, does a lot for charity, does a lot in many, many different areas, I think Chelsea deserves much more than it gets. Another club would be already on the moon, and Chelsea is still far from being on the moon."


"I think I saw it in the champions parade," he said. "I think it was a parade without the real emotion, because parades, all over the world, are usually on the same day or the day after you win the title. So when you have to do a parade nearly one month later it means 10% of the reality. You can imagine: Chelsea beat Man United 3-0 and after the game - parade! There would have been maybe 500,000 people there. "



Its not our fault or a media conspiracy that chelsea had their parade on the same day as Liverpool's , Anyway the fella is seriously deluded chelsea couldn't even get 500 thousand people out on the streets after winning the first title after half a century so it wouldn't matter when they had their parade, its their own fault for clashing their s***ty parade with ours.

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