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  1. Sure. Here's my e-mail addy: gangly_legs@yahoo.com
  2. I live in KL so if I can be of any help, do let me know and I'll do my best to assist.
  3. OOOO...would've loved to see him handle Drogba.....would've likely put the disgrace out of the game for good.
  4. I wonder if he actually got paid for this
  5. The bitters are one of the saddest f*****s i've ever seen
  6. Nah, it seems that he's still mentally scarred after we embarrased his sh!!te side at the Nou camp.
  7. He looks like Ivan Drago minus the hair and the menacing look
  8. Was really hoping would hit them for 5 or 6. The look on the fat b@strad's face would've been even more hilarious.
  9. Like TCS achieved a hell of a lot before getting the job.
  10. Paul Jewell might be a good. Otherwise it should be Ian Holloway.
  11. intense enigma

    The Shield

    I have that as my ringtone
  12. intense enigma

    The Shield

    It's bloody brilliant. I am waiting for the new season to start ┬╗ Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... ┬źnow that Lem's dead. Poor fella...liked his role. edit- feckin' eejit
  13. intense enigma


    I remember Carra pointing to Gallas and giving him a b******ing of some sort. It was almost like saying "you come near me and you wont have a face again".
  14. And when he gets kicked in the nuts, Cofie Bean should be about right
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