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I am convinced we will win the league this season


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Call me a mad old fool if you want....


But I am absolutely convinced we will win it this year and I tell you who will be the main man.


Robbie Fowler


Seriously, the lad is a bona fide genuis, born with a gift. He let himself go to the dogs fitness wise and I was one of his biggest critics just before he left us, but set pako on him for a full pre-season added to the five months he spent training from January May andwe are gonna see the lad super 'rafa' fit .


We then have our genuis up front, the lad who can do something out of nothing, a prolific finisher, the one player we have never had under Rafa.


We will all be sat here next season talking about how Robbie Fowler was the best signing Rafa made, I bet yeh.


Utd and Arsenal are gone, dont care what anyone says, they are rubbish, the pair of them and are not spending any money cos they owe about a billion £ between them


Its us and Chelsea, everyone can talk about how much money they have spent, but it is not about that, it is about how much they have improved, if anything I think they will get less points this season and will play 4-4-2 a lot more with an england like unbalanced central midfield of Ballack and Lampard. I think the additions we have/will make improve us a lot more than the additions they have made.


Seriously, f'ck chelsea, f'ck that russian gobsh'te who never gets a shave, we are gonna win the league, champions league, FA cup and our kids are gonna win the worthington cup.


Number 19 with a scouse centre back, centre midfielder and centre forward. F'ckin ell

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