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  1. Hopefully does well in the CL against City
  2. Pearce in Da Athletic: Barring a dramatic change of heart, Georginio Wijnaldum is expected to stay put for the final year of his contract and then leave as a free agent next summer. I thought the club would have agreed a 12 month extension so that we could get at least £10m for him rather than lose him on a free.
  3. I don’t like Lampard but I think they’ll be much better when all the new signings have bedded in, Chilwell, Silva etc. Hope I’m wrong wrong!
  4. Apologies mate, as you posted the text rather than the tweet, I missed it
  5. Yep. Don't think we'd get back though but you never know with Michael Edwards
  6. Looks like Bale is going to Spurs on loan.
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