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  1. ...in front of a virtually empty stadium...
  2. Put a This is Anfield sign above it so people with sun roofs can reach up and touch it as they drive through.
  3. Mooster

    EU Referendum

    After the success of his zip-lining a few years back maybe someone should suggest he has a go on one of these?
  4. He made Jerome Sinclair look half decent towards the end of last season so you never know! In all seriousness Oxford try to play decent football, and he'll have to learn to look after himself.
  5. First ground I ever went to. They had a guy in a coracle in the river next to it in case the ball got booted out of the ground.
  6. Aldi fans will be excited by this news.
  7. We had the absolute best of him, and then he went to Chelsea and frustrated/disappointed/infuriated every single person associated with them. What's not to love?
  8. Taribo West and Alexander Holovko.
  9. I love that Crespo goal. The pass, the finish, it's just a fantastic goal. They must have been so certain they'd just won the European Cup. In the context of what happened it's glorious.
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