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  1. Hopefully someone will be in the office when the hospital faxes his results through.
  2. It's hard to chews the worst pun so far tbh.
  3. He's been putting in some really polished performances this season.
  4. Need to extract myself from this thread pronto.
  5. Klopp and Keita need to improve their relationship too: they're molar opposites in some ways.
  6. Naby just needs to make a better impression, then Jurgen will get to the root of the problem. We should all know the drill by now.
  7. Nice piece from David Conn in the Guardian
  8. @bensmith_Times Quiet at #LFC but still very confident Downing will be next through the door. May move towards end of week.
  9. And he really gets why Liverpool fans wanted H&G out, doesn't he?
  10. If you read that on TLW, I think something was picked up the wrong way - the Torres leaving remark was a dig at Tony Evans.
  11. Oops! So you were I'll get my coat.
  12. I know that Hodgson won't be given a long term contract given the ownership issue but shouldn't managing a club like Liverpool, even if it is in a temporary capacity, be a more attractive proposition than you're making it sound? I mean who knows, if Hodgson does well, the new owners might extend his stay. That's got to be in his thinking too ,shirley?
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