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Match fixing in Ireland

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A pretty wild story has broken this week involving Irish first division (2nd tier) side Athlone Town. They were taken over by a group of "mystery investors" last year (the FAI won't release their identities for some some reason) and subsequently signed a few Portuguese players, a handful of players who had previously played in Portugal and brought in a Portuguese manager.


One of the players with Portuguese league experience they signed was a Latvian keeper called Igor Labuts who had previously spoken of being approached by Asian match fixers and whose three previous clubs had all been investigated by UEFA for match fixing.


Last week they played Longford and the craziness kicked into gear. Just before half-time he conceded this goal: https://www.facebook.com/AthloneTownFcFans/videos/1336655016417354/


Pretty obvious something fishy is going on there but they'd probably have gotten away with if it wasn't for what came towards the end of the game. One of the Athlone subs comes on and gets sent off before even touching the ball, then with just 3 mins left there was so much money coming in on the game that the odds of another goal before FT were odds on which as anyone who bets will know is extremely weird.


It turns out over €400k had been bet on this complete inconsequential game in the Irish midlands with an audience of 407.


Apparently Athlone Town fans had been screaming at anyone and everyone for weeks that something dodgy was going on there but nobody listened, now it looks like their club might get thrown out of the league.


More reading here:





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