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The second half of the season at least gives us some evidence that we can accumulate more points despite conceding more goals. Anywhere you can improve you should but it may be an either or when it comes to prioritising what we do this window and it may be that we don't prioritise defence despite it being clearly weaker that our attack.


Stupid things at set pieces like Johnson or Henderson marking the most likely threat. You eradicate that - very easily done - and we have more points. Safe to assume that our improvements in attack are not thwarted by simple reassignment of defensive responsibilities at corners / freekicks.


I'm convinced there's a footballing paradox with Skrtel where he appears to be our strongest defender and yet is creating bigger problems elsewhere. Like the 50 yard cross field ball can look impressive but sometimes puts the team under more pressure or less likely to retain possession. People just say " what a f***ing pass " where they could be asking why he chose to or why were there no shorter passes available

Skrtel might be making a last ditch tackle or recovering but shouldn't have to in the first place. Rio Ferdinand was good at that. He'd switch off and be out of position but had the pace to recover. He lost that pace a few seasons ago but has been making the same mistakes.


He seems to be a mismatch with Sakho though. Would we play with two left footers? We haven't yet.


I see no reason not to.

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I'm still gutted, but this Here from the start of the season lifted my spirits somewhat.


Taking all of their predictions into account, Guardian thought we'd be 6th We hardly get a mention at all.... There's a few real gems in there too -


on who will win the league:


David Hytner Manchester United." It feels unfashionable to tip the defending champions but they were comfortably the best team last season, their squad remains virtually the same and have their rivals really caught up?"

Quite a few go for Chelsea, and one even picked Spurs :lol:


Soldardo, Van Wolfswinkel and Anelka among those selected as best summer signings.

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Soldardo, Van Wolfswinkel and Anelka among those selected as best summer signings.

Bit disingenuous of you there

Ricky van Wolfswinkel is the bigger name, but Leroy Fer may adapt more easily to English football at Norwich.
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I don't go along at all with the idea that teams will 'learn' how to play against us as a result of this season.


Firstly, we've been playing like this for months, and having just won 11 in a row, it doesn't really teach us that managers are learning how to deal with us over the course of this season - so how they work it out in the close season I don't really know.


Secondly, we don't win games through a 'system' that can easily be countered (i.e. we don't have only one method of scoring). We win games through having some really great players, whose skills are very difficult to defend against.


Thirdly, the kind of defensive discipline which Chelsea showed against us is very hard to keep up for 90 minutes (Mourinho is capable of delivering it), and very hard/impossible to replicate without quality players.


Fourthly, in the games where we could say to have 'struggled' to break them down - Sunderland, Newcastle, you can point to other factors, rather than a 'system failure'. In particular, a lack of quality off the bench when the players on the pitch aren't really delivering.


Let's not forget that both Suarez and Sturridge suffered a real dip in form over the last 7-8 games of this season. They were not as good as they had previously been. We kept winning because we had so much quality elsewhere.


I have a lot of confidence that, with the right signings this summer, we can compete for the whole of next season and win it. However, the big factor is the Champions League. Even the best teams will drop points before and after CL games. How we handle those games, particularly who we pick and who we rest, will be key to a challenge.


We need at least 7 more players next season who are capable of delivering results. Players like Suso and Alberto become more important. But it is defence and midfield where additions must be made. 2 starting defenders, and 2 strong midfielders are a must.





agree with all that


Hindsight perhaps, but Assaidi and Borini would have contributed more off the bench than Moses and Aspas (and neither Borini or Assaidi are good enough really), just shows how impressive our run was


just hope that we manage to get out top targets this summer, the ones we missed out have all turned out to be good


We took 48 points from the last 19 games, that puts us in 11th place I point behind Newcastle


we must be close to the top of the table based on the last 18 months


shows that this isn't a fluke, just need to keep the momentum going into the new season

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