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  1. Honestly, I don’t wish to go there on the basis of my current employment, and as a matter of fact I think that many in the public sector are due a wage rise, especially the low paid. But beyond that, if they want a higher salary or payment conditions look elsewhere. I couldn’t work in the public sector for the lack of autonomy and opportunity that it ultimately allows. If you really want to progress within the public sector I have seen very very few examples of really ethics individuals who have combined personal progression with what I would perceive as ethical activity to deliver the se
  2. My experience of the public sector is that there are very few people who recognize that they are actually providing a public service, being paid by the public coin and should behave as such. The whole economic reality across the public/academic sector compared to private sector is so stark.
  3. I couldn't work in the public sector to be honest.
  4. Ant


    His latest Podcasts are brilliant, thought the Giggs one was good
  5. Nope but based upon historical evidence he's very injury prone.
  6. I think you've got to go for 2 world class CB. Really concerned about Joe Gomez long term, Van Dijk will not be the same player.
  7. Ant


    He's got a switch
  8. Ant


    Not really that simple though is it?
  9. Ant


    We're really struggling with our 6 year old, he already had to self isolate for two weeks because his teacher had COVID. He likes school, and in our feedback from teachers he's much more well behaved, and is developing well. Home schooling for us is difficult, I am working out of the office, and my fiancé has Dyslexia - alongside looking after our youngest who is three. It's not an adequate working environment, never mind learning. I do appreciate the issues teachers face, but drawing from my own experience of school and also how it's going for my son. It's so important to have that
  10. Ant


    Fair enough if you're 15-16 Not if you're a 6 year old
  11. Ant


    The education system is going to need to enact 10 years of serious change for those who attended school during the COVID pandemic. There will be studies in decades from now comparing achievement of those who weren't impacted and those who had been. Home working works for some, but not all. It's so important those who need it are able to be taught in class.
  12. That's absolutely brilliant. Nice one Des The European Court of Human rights just identified systemic failures of the Labour party and it's handling of anti-semitism of which Jeremy Corbyn is culpable. Probably todays ruling
  13. You have to accept that Jeremy Corbyn has kept suspect company and there are far too many conspiracy theories associated with Anti Semitism for there not be a problem here. Far too many instances, far too many mistakes, far too much smoke. These aren't isolated one off instances.
  14. Ant


    Scots Announcing 5 Tiers England have 3 Tiers but with weird region specific rules Welsh in Circuit Break Absolutely unreal
  15. Ant


    It's ever been thus. Both him and Gerrard, born into poor areas of Merseyside, brought up a certain way, exposed to things others haven't have a world view that is different to others who grew up in different circumstances. I think he's good, not great but people get very personal with someone who does lots for charity, the community. Been an idiot sometimes, but is mostly sound. Some Liverpool fans just don't like them, which is fine but its funny how they're from outside of the city, or blues.
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