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  1. Ant


    Scots Announcing 5 Tiers England have 3 Tiers but with weird region specific rules Welsh in Circuit Break Absolutely unreal
  2. Ant


    It's ever been thus. Both him and Gerrard, born into poor areas of Merseyside, brought up a certain way, exposed to things others haven't have a world view that is different to others who grew up in different circumstances. I think he's good, not great but people get very personal with someone who does lots for charity, the community. Been an idiot sometimes, but is mostly sound. Some Liverpool fans just don't like them, which is fine but its funny how they're from outside of the city, or blues.
  3. I think the momentum behind this movement that Marcus is now spearheading will lead to success. This is dead easy this, forget the why how and what. if a kid is hungry and the parents can't feed them properly - the state should step in - end of discussion.
  4. Ant


    Mad how people just don't seem to like working class scousers doing good for themselves on tele Anyway
  5. Ant


    No Follow me chief
  6. Ant

    Welcome VvD

    Bit of a lazy shout, but I'd be looking at Coady in January. VVD will not be 100% until at least another 12 months, Matip and Gomez are highly unlikely to remain fit, Matip in particular. Adding a quality CB to compete would be a good move. Regardless, just got to hope the players use these setbacks in the right way. They where fantastic against Everton, really really good and I think they'll shortly be back on top. It's absolutely s*** news, but the players now have a chance to prove just what a resilient team we are.
  7. Ant


    You can only use your own judgement. I suffer from headaches which is a symptom of COVID 19 but I've not got a test or isolated myself on that basis
  8. Ant


    Andy Burnham doing what the pie crust snorting wizard should have done
  9. As a country we can afford to do whatever we want to do, the society we have created for ourselves is just abhorrent to be honest.
  10. I think however there are things which are potential sure fire if you have the balls. I made £30 on Tesla the other month - and think that if I bought a couple of shares now, that within the next 5-10 years they'll easily quadruple in size.
  11. I've been looking at this recently, dabbling in. Over the course of the past few months I've made about £200-300 just quickly buying and selling via Trading 212. On one particular occasion I nearly got greedy and went all in on something which would have cost me thousands, so it was a decent lesson in how to do it. I'm now focused on making investments in Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla and Snowflake and have created a portfolio which I have put a bulk amount in, and now looking at monthly deposits. Key thing is to probably take a more longer term view of it, My initial view and still is, t
  12. Fair point - maybe its more close to home I don't know. I think Starmer has a more difficult balance to strike
  13. Massively disappointed in our local leaders inability to hold these people to account, Manchester are fighting this. Steve and Fat Joe aren't, Absolutely criminal
  14. Ant


    Eldest goes back today after a period of self isolation - part expecting him to be told to go home again soon
  15. New Labour brought about the greatest period of prosperity in this country for generations. Better Jobs, Better Public Services, more students going to University, shortest NHS waiting times. The biggest travesty over the past 10-15 years has been the increase of homelessness on the streets. When I worked in the city centre you saw very few back in 2010, now when I go back in and around Dale Street its absolutely astonishing the growth. You can keep banging the drum for a type of politics and leader that the country rejects at every turn or you can work to change so that you can aff
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