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Let's see if we can gee up Mr Broughton a little bit

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This is a link to a British Airways complaints section on their website


check the box that says you want a reply from them



below is the complaint i've written (feel free to copy it or write your own and then click submit - simple). It may not do anything but i can't imagine if there are a few thousand sent that, word at least, wont get back to Broughton that we are on his case too and unlike RBS, BA aren't owned by the Government, have shareholders to answer to, are embroiled in a dispute with their staff and probably need grief from us like a hole in the head.







I'm writing to inform British Airways that as Mr Broughton in his capacity as Liverpool Football Club Chairman is not fulfilling his brief in selling the club I am henceforth boycotting British Airways and the companies it has major shareholdings in namely, Iberia, Flybe & InterCapital and Regional Rail (Eurostar Ltd). If Mr Broughton continues by his inactivity to support the ownership of Liverpool Football Club by Mr Gillett & Mr Hicks then I shall look to extend this boycott to other partners of British Airways.


Yours faithfully

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