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Best Youth crop


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Was having a chat with a mate on the weekend and we were discussing top youth teams that came through. Neither of us have any fondness for the mancs, and they have already had their press, so we ignored the class of 92 or whatever with Beckham et al. Also, looking at not necessarily successful clubs, but more a group of players who have come through together in a single crop.


The ones we came up with were:


Hammers: Rio, Johnson, Joe Cole, Carrick, Lampard, Defoe (with James, Kanoute and Sinclair as quality additions too). Quality because look at where all the players are now.


Man City: Onuha, Richard, Ireland, Joe Hart, Wright Phillips and the kid that went to Chelsea for the money.


Liverpool: Rob Jones, McManaman, Carra, Fowler, Redknapp, Matteo et al. Regardless of their failures, they were talented players who perhaps with a stronger manager, could have gone to the top


Mine are all relatively recent, because thats what I remember. Are there others?

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