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David O'Leary


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Daily Blackshirt


‘We’re not friends but Jose has always kind of rated me if you know what I mean. He was asked a question to recommend somebody for something or put them up and I was very grateful that he did it. When I thanked him he said, “David, I wasn’t doing you a favour even though I like you, it’s because I rate you” and that’s his attitude.


‘I saw Capello at the soccer writers’ function the other week and he came down from the top table and said “when are you bloody getting back in the game?” It was nice getting that from Capello. A lot of them know that you’re too good to be out of it. That’s not me trying to big myself up.


:lol: :lol:


The former Leeds boss is popular in these parts. Hence the banter with hotel staff who know him well.


"Morning Susan! Ah-haaa!"


What a bitter, self-regarding, deluded muppet. Makes Allardyce look like an amateur tosspot.

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