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Where are they now?


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Dudek - on the bench at Madrid

Finnan - on the bench at Espanyol

Carra - still here

Sami - off to Leverkusen

Traore - on loan at Birmingham City from Portsmouth

Garcia - at Athletico Madrid

Gerrard - still here

Alonso - still here

Riise - on the bench at Roma

Kewell - at Galatasary (where he's scored as many goals in 30 appearances as he did for us in 90+)

Baros - at Galatasary, where he's scored 26 goals in 40 apps

Didi - on the bench at Man City

Cisse - just finished a loan at Sunderland from Marseille, neither of whom want him.


I was watching the game this morning and wondering, honestly, how the hell did we win that game. Absolutely astonishing, and while these players all go down in history, some of them were shockingly average.


And, thankfully, Rafa is still here. :thumbs:

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