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After our impressive season, Benitez has lots of work to do fine tuning this already impressive squad. He’s going to have more influence with Parry leaving and his new contract enabling him to have full say on who will be brought into the club this summer.


Hopefully this will mean we’ll see a more pro active summer, as he’s been critical of Parry and the owners in the past for not showing enough urgency in beating our rivals to players. As a result we’ve missed out on many targets such as Simao, Walcott, Vidic, Alves etc… all players Benitez wanted, but could get for one reason or another.


I think Benitez has a tough job this summer in the sense whoever comes in, is going to have to be a top player to get into our best XI. I also think he’s not going to make everyone happy, as the majority would like to see two or three quality signings rather than five or six mediocre ones. But given people want a right back, a back up striker, a left sided player and a right sided player, not to mention Barry… this would seem fairly contradictory as this would represent more of a revolution than an evolution. Especially as potentially we could see many players leaving in return.


So my question to you is what do you think Benitez’s priorities should be this summer?


Also do you see it working differently this summer now Benitez has more control?

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