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  1. Hernandez. Still didn't choke as badly as Atlanta. Re Vegas. the area has over 2 million residents. they'll have the support - plus loads of casinos will buy tickets to give to the high rollers. Its all about the money. All of the NFL is about the money. The draft : Garrapolo has to go for a couple of picks or it'll be the Pats deciding who they want, get the Browns to pick them and do a trade after the pick including a second round.
  2. Chris, He'll be missed. owes a lot of pints to people the huge amount of comments to you is an indication of how well liked he was and also how well you and your family have conducted yourselves over the years. you can still reach to us if you need to - you will still have rocky days ahead and we remain here for you. Although people will turn to you please take time out to care for yourself as well. Mike
  3. got the 5th highest score in fleaflicker and finished 11th.... 2nd most points scored against me... awesome stuff.
  4. holy crap. well awesome. So the dems got the majority vote. ain't that awesome. Also a massive turnout. nobody can point to apathy. So trump in the white house. GOP running the senate and house. And soon the Supreme court. A party that has done nothing but vow to destroy everything that Obama did in the last 8 years. not a single idea going forward between them. Tighten your seatbelts. this is going to be a hell of a ride. Mitch McConnell running the show - that scares me more than anything. Pence at VP.. hurrah to separation of church and state. I may have to go find another co
  5. the majority but theres still a hell of a lot who could vote. because the panhandle is in the next time zone then some of the stations there won;t close until 8pm eastern. then they have to let everyone who was in line at that time vote. then count - 10pm eastern to announce unless its a landslide. North carolina is the first big one - if that votes clinton its goodnight Donald. He can make it without Florida but its unlikely. Its all about the senate at that point. interesting living here in a county that has historically been red - lots of new people moving in and the old boys are losing p
  6. you beat me in NFL. you know - the league where i didn't get an early pick in the draft. again.
  7. Cam newton is horrible. why not just gift the vikings D all the points available in NFL. gitface. The pats. not a bad warm up for the end of the First Q prize - a game against Rex Ryan....I'd have taken 2-2 out of the first 4 games so be to 3-0 and looking good is very impressive.
  8. They let you in?? damn... and its not that hot.
  9. John. you are a c***. go f*** yourself
  10. go big!! get them 3 puppies and 3 kittens, they'll never forget you.
  11. excellent stuff on fleaflicker and congrats to the person who forgot to draft a kicker....
  12. cos you only bought the mag for the articles right....?
  13. come on Leo - holidays? get your priorities straight and get a draft date for nfl sorted.... when was fleaflicker - sunday 4th isn't it?
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