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Another myth to add to the pyre


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All season we've had to put up with Andy Gray going on about Rafa's "predictable substitutions" and the inevitable parrots using it as a stick to beat him with. Next time some idiot starts spouting this nonsense just point out this little chart to them of the goals scored in the last 15 minutes:



Team - goals scored - goals conceded - goal difference


Liverpool - 20-5-15

Everton - 14-5-9

Arsenal - 14-7-7

Newcastle - 10-6-4

Tottenham - 11-8-3

Man Utd - 9-6-3

Chelsea - 8-5-3

Aston Villa - 14-12-2

Sunderland - 10-8-2

Man City - 12-11-1

Wigan - 10-9-1

West Brom - 6-7-(-1)

Fulham - 5-8-(-3)

Blackburn - 11-15-(-4)

Middlesborough - 9-14-(-5)

Hull - 8-13-(-5)

Bolton - 7-13-(-6)

West Ham - 5-11-(-6)

Portsmouth - 7-18-(-11)


What'll the next nonsensical meme be? The smiling thing seems to have died a death. I reckon it'll be the way Rafa gesticulates on the sideline. Either that or we'll win the league and they'll give him a break for a few months.

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