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What a feckin massive win


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Completely battered Fulham all the way through, could have had a handful in the first half. Looked like it wasn't going to be our day in the second half when everything appeared to be against us. It looked like one of those days: hit the woodwork 4 times, loads of opportunities that were somehow kept out, poor decisions by the officials to unfairly rule Kuyt offside and blow for a foul on Reina when Torres was clean through. And when all our huffing and puffing looked to be in vain, when it was "one of thos days" up steps little Benny to score in the last minute of injury time.


You can bet the Mancs were watching that. You can bet just, they were ready to gloat and celebrate another title when that goal went in and it's like a punch in the stomach.


This is a massive result, the kind of game that turns titles. Perhaps they're starting to feel it's not their year. Perhaps they're starting to doubt. They're certainly going to feel the pressure to win their games in hand.



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