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ferguson May Retire Next Year

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Ferguson likely to call it a day at United in 14 months



Manchester United will be looking for a new manager at the end of next season, according to Sir Alex Ferguson's son ­Darren, who believes that the longest-serving and oldest manager in the business could be in the final 14 months of his epic time in charge at Old Trafford.


"I can see him doing this year and next and then that might be it for him," said Ferguson Jr, one of the few people in a position to take an educated stab at when the man who took over at Old Trafford 22½ years ago will finally call it a day.


Ferguson himself has already cancelled one retirement date, which was originally scheduled for the end of the 2001-02 ­season, and passed the ­normal ­retirement age of 65 two years ago. Since then he has stubbornly refused to clarify his ­intentions and has fluctuated from ­saying he has "many years" left to ­insisting that he will not work beyond the advanced age of 70.


About the only certainty, according to Darren, is that it will not be at the end of the current season even if United reach a position of such success that Ferguson could go out on the biggest high imaginable. United have won 32 honours under Ferguson, including 10 Premier League titles and two European Cups, and the Old Trafford club are in the hunt for unprecented quintuple this season.


"His health is fine and he's building a new team. If they win [the league] this year, then they catch Liverpool in terms of league titles won and that will be in his mind."


So what of the possibility of father ­taking on son as rival managers in the Premier League? Ferguson Jr is going for successive promotions with Peter­borough to get them into the Championship and it seems only a matter of time before he is in charge of a top-division club. However, he added: "I don't think Dad will wait for me before he retires. There's no guarantee I'll get to the Premier League."

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