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Rafas Transfer Record


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I posted in another thread that Rafa has only spent £80mill, net, since he has been here on transfers.



i) We only have three players left that Rafa inherited, who are good enough and either aren't too old or crocked. That includes Sami, who will be 36 this year.


ii) In short Rafa has had to buy two players for every position on the pitch, and build the youth team and the reserve team. With a budget of £80mill over 5 years.



Players Bought


Players Sold




I mentioned this on another thread and someone quoted Wenger, so lets look at that.



If we are considering player and transfer costs then we have to include wage costs. Fortunately, we have an impeccable source - Deloittes annual review of football finances. These are the annual wage bills for the top four :


Chelsea - £114m

Manchester Utd - £85m

Arsenal - £83m

Liverpool - £69m


Arsenals has actually fallen by £6.7mill from £89.7mill the previous year.



In short, the difference between our wage bill and Arsenals over the last five years alone is actually more than Rafa has had given to him to buy players. That is before you consider what Wenger has spent on players and the demise of their team.

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