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What does Maradonna do at 4am

Rory Fitzgerald

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Diego Maradona today labelled Javier Mascherano the most important player in Argentina.

The football icon installed our number 20 as skipper after taking over as national coach last year - and previously described him as a 'monster' of a player.


And this morning it became clear that Maradona's admiration has not waned as he revealed Mascherano was the first name on his teamsheet ahead of superstars like Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero.


He told Argentine TV: "I am awake at 4am designing a team. The selection? It's Javier Mascherano and 10 more."






I love the Mascher fella - when that tunC is on form he is an animal tearing around the pitch, hunting s*** down and putting his body on the line for the team - kucFing love that attitude !!!!


YouTube Comp of Tommy Mascherano

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