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    also a total nonsense as for all of march and the first half of april people nobody at all in care homes was tested and homes were still being told not to send ANYONE to hospital regardless, so that almost all C19 deaths until mid april went down as just pneumonia (like my dad), dementia etc even where visiting GPs suspected C19 - and relatively few pnuemonias go from a moderate cough at lunchtime to dead at 2am that night as in his case. Actually finding hancock the most infuriating of the whole sorry mob these days.
  2. BoboS


    not as comprehensive as the pueyo hammer/dance, but quite stark/direct!
  3. BoboS


    Update after a horrible day on 2 hours sleep is that I've spent pretty much the whole day chasing down Public Health England, Adult Social Care, the Care Home Company HQ all at tons of different levels to try and see if any sense was achievable. I've done pretty much nothing for my actual family. Other than just getting to the undertakers in time so that they could follow a new safety protocol for their staff, very little achieved and I've just been advised of various ways to complain for the longer term. But there's absolutely no way of arranging a test - even if 1 test will affect at least 80 families' decisions (patients and staff) and potentially avoid hundreds of infections. They think their guidelines are clear and that if the home are following the protocol AS IF he was positive then no other patient is at risk without knowing whether in fact there is an issue inside the home, i.e. the protocol (gloves and a mask while the same staff treat all patients) is 100% effective at stopping virus spread. So all the other families don't need to know. This is putrid nonsense, and most of them know it before they've even finished saying it. But everyone's hands are equally tied. Then listening to tonight's press conference talking about 'removing the cloak of invisibility, massive scaling up of tests, beating back the virus etc.' just caused a bit of breakdown and I'm feeling pretty murderous right now. For now, I'm broken but have lined up a press interview for tomorrow if I want to go ahead with it, not sure if I feel up to it. I also need to listen to some of the good advice on here about worrying about immediate responsibilities and what I can change etc. Appreciate the messages. But it's properly infuriating and I fear the next runner to carelessly run too close to me when taking the dog out might just get it, which may not be the best approach.
  4. BoboS


    No problem. This is in outer London, SW, but all the "guidance" I'm being quoted seems to be nationwide. If that might be local to you message me and I can explain more precisely. I don't think the home staff are really at fault here FYI. Thanks all for the responses, at least hearing some sanity does help a bit. I'm still trying to get any clarity at all and no luck....
  5. BoboS


    Could I ask for forum advice please? My Corona story is that my Dad was living in a care home, 73 but with several serious conditions and a history of unhealthy living. He was really ill over xmas but had recovered and doing pretty well when I saw him (from a safe distance and after over a week of not going anywhere beyond taking the dog out) last Thursday to try and explain what was happening with likely impending closure to visitors etc (a policy which came in on the weekend). He got a cough on Saturday but has existing COPD and given that the symptoms weren't too bad. But getting more breathless he was visited by his GP yesterday who suspected COVID, but was not able to order a test. But there was no urgency about his situation at 6pm. Even with 50 other vulnerable people in a building where self-isolation is impossible, plus staff, the official care home guidance from Public Health England was, as of yesterday evening: a) the policy is no testing in care homes but this may be reviewed and b) the home should avoid hospitalising ANYONE for the time being given current circumstances but 'do their best'. I then get a call at 3am to say he's died of respiratory failure and nobody's done anything, and they want to kick off the normal process without any recognition of an infectious disease being involved, risks of handling body etc. No further isolation measures for anyone. My main concern is genuinely to try and get a test done even post-mortem as 50 other families have (in some cases much healthier) loved ones in there and they are completely unaware. The manager has no idea what to do and is tearing her hair out at the unclear and changing guidance. His GP was also shocked at the position she was put in and thought it indefensible. She's today gone into isolation and I will continue to do so, but the home staff obviously are not. I'm trying to argue for a test now to clarify things but am just being directed to 111 with its massive wait, cut-off phone message if you press the testing option and anyway i don't want to block people who need immediate actual help. But it doesn't feel like something I should let lie, if this is happening all over the country then it's the exact opposite of cocooning the vulnerable, it's closing the doors and leaving staff to deal with it without a shred of support. I'm obviously not thinking very straight this morning but don't really know what I can do!
  6. BoboS


    Family in Lombardia, the working assumption is that with the incubation period every policy change takes two weeks to see in numbers so they're praying that it starts to come down this coming weekend, two weeks since the lockdown got tightened. Also some staying in intensive care for a month so can distort. This is also why some eejit with a bucket in his garden isn't a very useful 'explanation' as you can't just choose to stop the flow quickly. Fingers crossed.
  7. BoboS


    Don't buy this line at all, based on a lot of family near Milan and friends all over the country. They acted earlier than almost all other countries have done on their growth curve, and are at least trying to prioritise citizen health above economic impact, noticeably different to most. Flights from China stopped six weeks ago, schools closed nationwide 3+ weeks ago, stay at home policy now blatantly sensible. The original reason for it being worse seems to be down to a few known asymptomatic superspreaders who managed to infect a lot of people very quickly, eg the two marathons and football tournament guy, though he turned out not to be patient zero as his colleague returning from Wuhan was negative for antibodies. But what scares the s*** out of me frankly is that on the ground medics in the places where ICU is oversubscribed (despite having a lot more capacity than we do) and they're now deciding who lives and dies at triage stage (eg Bergamo) are pleading with other countries to do the same things they now know work just a bit quicker, but we're consciously doing even less than they did whilst blaming stereotypical Italian 'incompetence' and peddling the line that acting too soon is wrong, which might be vaguely arguable in economic terms (though even that seems short sighted in the extreme) but surely comes at huge human cost. Italy didn't loosen up, just the measures they put in place, which we're now postponing as unnecessary, were not quite strict enough or quick enough. We're what roughly three weeks behind in terms of cases, and a lot more than that in terms of controls, have tested a small fraction so asymptomatic cases likely way more and currently going to pubs, sitting in workplaces and on packed trains across the country but think happy birthday handwashing is plenty for now. Honestly I read the testimony from Bergamo and think we could be utterly f***ed in a month, and that the public advice is criminal. Hope I'm wrong and there really was some Italian error, but I've yet to read what it was other than in vague and contentless terms. Listening to Conte and Johnson speeches today I know who I trust more, and it's definitely not the racist blonde one... Why is an 8 hour emergency meeting required to say exactly the same thing afterwards and take zero action? Casino capitalism of the worst kind...
  8. BoboS

    EU Referendum

    Likewise, in nearly 25yrs of voting have never contemplated it until yesterday. TBH I could even just about live with the ambiguity position (which I don't agree with but can at least see where it's coming from as a strategy), but I just couldn't stomach the response to a massive swing to remain parties in the local elections a few weeks ago being loudly interpreted by the leadership as 'just get on with Brexit' - parroting the May line and just utterly disrespectful to a clearly sizeable chunk of voters (and much of the Labour party). Obviously a general election would still be a different story but my support for the Corbyn / McDonnell agenda took a massive blow that day and hasn't recovered.
  9. <br /><br /><br /> indeed, only mention is broadly what UK press have too, no update on what PC might or might not want (since he wanted to stay at inter) - remains in the balance I think: we've offered EUR 8m, Southampton EUR 11m, they wanted EUR 15m, might reluctantly sell for EUR13m to chase other targets, inc belhanda http://www.gazzetta.it/Calciomercato/23-01-2013/inter-paulinho-prezzo-aumenta-coutinho-southampton-rilancia-913953049876.shtml
  10. Copy them all into a single list, create a pivot table and sort by category, using as your data values both a) the count of each entry (i.e. how many times 'boat' appears) and b) the sum of entry (i.e. the total associated with boat). Sort the list however you like, presumably according to the count to get your 'weighting'. Would be close anough and take very little time/ effort?
  11. sop://broker.sopcast.com:3912/127835
  12. BoboS


    I'm type 1 since 2007, juvenile my a*** I was 29! A bit different obviously but op definitely needs some advice as it sounds dangerous. Hypos are scary but you can manage the risk and severity of them. To be honest I've found most of the nhs advice to be pretty useless and totally obsessed with this hypo fear, which is counter productive, Eg always eat shed loads of carbs to avoid risk, ,means you take massive doses and any error is really serious and actually increases risk of a dangerous sudden one, as week as encouraging long term damage through the type of fearful approach you describe. Just cos you can't feel it doesn't mean its not f***ing you up! Its obviously very extreme but to make one recommendation would be to read book by a Dr Bernstein on the subject, needs a pinch of salt with it but really useful, if scary in how dangerous it portrays the standard advice as being. A total shock to me at first, but have done OK for 5yrs our so. Tons f advice to offer if you're interested.
  13. BoboS

    The Olympics

    went to pick up other tickets at wimbledon today at exactly that time - place was heaving with people desperate to get in, even for 'park entry' tickets without a seat. I was there 10 mins and saw maybe 200 peopel get turned away - only to see yet more empty seats. it really is a disgrace. Even if it's 1,000 more the IOCs fault than anyone else's I'd reckon..
  14. BoboS

    The Olympics

    this is better: http://www.sportsgrid.com/video/michelle-jenneke-parody/
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