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  1. All EVs are 0% BIK this year.
  2. He'll need to get that dog back soon the way things are going.
  3. Stevens is getting paid a lot more as a 7th round pick than he would as an UDFA. Doubt he's in any way pissed off, though the Carolina coach might be.
  4. Assumed when all this came out it was some ham-fisted PR to get him re-signed. Surely his employers would know if their franchise QB had impaired vision!
  5. He's just signed a first round tender so it's possible he's seen in the building as Brees' heir (or the next Steve Young) but, given he's barely played back to back QB snaps as a Saint, I struggle to see him being better under centre than he is now as an explosive gadget player.
  6. Like this move. Brees will be gone in a year, and finding an immediate successor won't be easy at the tail end of the draft (and I'm assuming it won't be Hill). There's no better place for a QB to be rehabilitated, but alongside Dalton he'll at the very least be the best back-up QB in potentially the last year of their SB window.
  7. Barking mad, that. Can't see it working out. Who gets OJ?
  8. My condolences, Sammy.
  9. His drag pass was da bomb. Not even a shrug from Martin 'Man Utd are the only team to take points off Liverpool' Tyler.
  10. Can't recall seeing Wijnaldum do a single thing on the pitch. One of us has had a mare.
  11. Brutal for Niners. Seemed to have that game in their grasp from the off, but ultimately left points on the field by playing too conservatively. Incredible how the game got away from them all of a sudden, but that's what the Chiefs can do. Deja vu for Shanahan.
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