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  1. 1-3 Football Team sitting atop the NFC East.
  2. True, though I think they're a bit ahead of us in terms of easing lockdown and one might in theory have been able to watch from afar. Training ground local to where I go often has decent teams during pre-season. Got the shock of my life when I bumped into Souness crossing a deserted meadow one year during his Blackburn days. "What are you doing here?" I blurted out. "What are YOU doing here?" he replied.
  3. Aye, seen that somewhere too, ta. Trying to figure out where exactly. Go down the road from there every summer but this one and need to be reassured that I haven't missed out on sharing Stiegls with the lads. Training ground looks deserted and therefore presumably not open to the public, which is cause for optimism.
  4. Anyone happen to know where exactly in Salzburg the training camp is?
  5. This Isn't Bacon is very yummy. Fried to a crisp Jules Winnfield style in a bagel with brie and in a sandwich with a runny egg - ten on ten.
  6. They could literally play in bubbles: O/D lines zorbing, QBs and RBs etc scrambling to evade the giant orbs.
  7. NFC West looks tasty. Gase looks gone.
  8. Multiple hair clips. Hair growing in proportion with the rest of me during lockdown.
  9. All EVs are 0% BIK this year.
  10. He'll need to get that dog back soon the way things are going.
  11. Stevens is getting paid a lot more as a 7th round pick than he would as an UDFA. Doubt he's in any way pissed off, though the Carolina coach might be.
  12. Assumed when all this came out it was some ham-fisted PR to get him re-signed. Surely his employers would know if their franchise QB had impaired vision!
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