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Ronaldo Offered to us and United

Leo No.8

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tough question but.....


there are other strikers.





On a serious note though, past his best or not could you think of anyone better to stick the chances away we've been missing this season?


He has been very complementary about United in the past though and you'd perhaps fancy them to pip us, but you'd wonder why United are looking for a striker when its the one position they are well-covered in.


My mate says they want a 'big name' to increase shirt sales etc, and he fits the bill so they'll be up for it, but that seems mad to me. They need 2 or 3 top-class midfielders before they sign any more strikers...

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Guest Scouse Kiss


My mate says they want a 'big name' to increase shirt sales etc,


Shouldn't that be a 'big shirt to increase name sales' for Ronaldo. :D

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I don't think Ronaldo would play enough games for us, yes he'd probably score every time he played but his injury record isn't good and i can't see playing in England improving that. Nearly every time i see him tackled heavily in spain he looks in agony and i don't think he's faking it.

We cant really afford to risk a lot of money on a player who might be unavailable as often as he is available.


Id love to sign a fully fit injury free Ronaldo but i don't know if we will ever see that player again, out of interest how long is his contract at Real and what sort of money would he cost?

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in fairness, rafa will only sign someone who wants to play for the club and not someone who is just looking for any old club to earn some sheckles.


If Rafa talks to him and feels he has the desire to put o the red shirt then i'd welcome him with open arms.

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Ronaldo is world class - end of.


Can't believe some of the s**** in here, he will never come to us in a month of Sundays but if he would and we could afford him we should snatch his bloody arm off.


ronaldo is I'd guess wrong side of 30 - 32?. he has weight, fitness and injury-prone issues. he is an out and out goalscorer. he is class but past his best. there are doubts as to his commitment. he may cost a lot, on wages plus fee.


we do need a goalscorer - he ticks that box. we have two ageing forwards already. ideally, we would want players who are approaching their prime, whose value in every way should increase, who are hungry for the team. and who are robust and energetic enough to cope with Premier League refereeing and defenders.


i don't think he ticks enough boxes.


we are liverpool. we have never compromised for past-it legends and we don't have to feel that is our place. gary mc was a success, but it does not mean we should aim to shop at the veteran end of the market.


i think we are better than ronaldo, not the other way around.

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