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January wish list


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Joaquin - RIGHT WINGER! needs a new challenge i think, spanish players here to help settle in. class player aswell... £15m


bojinov - tipped to be a massive talent but cant get in the fiorentina team due to luca toni (and i doubt many strikers could get in front of him at the moment) £7m


kuyt - goalscorer and worth a gamble £8m

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Jermaine Pennant. Proven in the Premiership, still young, a boyhood red, and a hell of a talented player. £4M-£5M.


Eric Abidal. One of the best left backs around and at 26 is just coming into his prime. He was injured the last I heard though. Not sure about price either.


Dean Ashton. Young, gifted, great goal-scorer. Another boyhood red too supposedly. West Ham are trying to prise him away with a £7M bid.

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Assuming we've got a max of £10-15m, which I think may be realistic.


I'd agree with Larsson as a good short-term option. Can't think of any other proven goalscorers going cheap.... :detective:;) Defoe I'm less and less convinced about. I'd also advocate giving Sinama a shot, was really impressed with his goals against Luton.


Then I'd go all out on the RW, esp as Garcia, Zenden and Gonzales each have some issues playing wise. While I think LB has definite room for improvement, I think defence isn't the problem at the moment and there's lots of LB cover.


as for who to go for - Simao is the obvious one. If we could get Joaquin great, but not at our budget I fear.


There's no-one in the prem who's both good enough and attainable IMO. Therefore it's into Europe on the scout, I'll bow to Rafa's knowledge on this one.




As a side note, I'm fuming that none of the media are really picking up on Chelsea's policy of overbidding for everyone elses transfer targets. It's bang out of order, and I wish someone could/would try to do something about it.

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Depending on the valuations, Defoe and Pennant


Both available for the Champions League both have been linked with us


Defoe not exactly pulling up trees at WHL but I believe is capable of much more as is Pennant who can't exactly being enjoying life at St Andrews


Neither are truly mouth watering but both would strengthen important areas of the squad hopefully without crucifying our summer transfer budget

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Walcott - I'd love us to have a great young English prospect on our books such as this. Striker able to play wide right. Could well be the answer to our right side problems (though I like Stevie there too).


Kuyt - scores goals, works hard. Would do very well for us IMO.


Bridge - if he gets back to Southampton or early Chelsea form, then he will be an improvement on any of our current contenders.


As for money, well it all depends. Kuyt might come for £10M plus Dudek. Bridge could come for anything up to £4M (though Chavs obviously don't need the money). Walcott is a weird one. Perhaps £4M might do it if he wants to come, since a tribunal would be the alternate route for Southampton once he turns 17 in March. (Obviously silly money has been bandied about too, so it's hard to say what he might go for).


So that would be an £18M outlay and three very good players to improve us.

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Ricardo Quresma: Fantastic pace and skills on both wings and would probably cost around around £15m.


Aaron Lennon: Pacy right winger at Spurs who was bought from Leeds. Has impressed each time he has come on from the bench.

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I think Baines is a really interesting shout. Watched them play West Ham and thought to myself 'now theres a tidy squad player' Wigan won't get rid though, at least not now.


A couple of million and a player and they might be tempted and it would also try the loyalty of the player.

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i did a bit in the wrong thread:


Larsson is a great shout - probably just what we need at the moment in terms of finishing.


RW - depends on what you want. At the moment I think we have a lot of balance on the right. To me a flair player who can't defend will limit Finnan's probing and we all know he can play a top ball in. Anyway, a RW who can beat players is largely worthless at the mo as we don't have a box playing forward. Sure, we have crouchy but I'm not sure if he has the pace to get in behind the defence when our winger is on the byline. Same with Moro I'm afraid.


I'd rather strengthen our left back position if we can't afford the players we are in for.


For that I'd be quite happy with Bridge as we don't seem to have a player that can attack and defend 100% in that position.


If that gives Kewell more freedom then on current form then it's like signing a new winger anyway.



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Capdevila - solid, talented left back who wouldn't be cup-tied for the CL.


Ribery - brilliant forward who can play anywhere across the front line and would do very nicely as a right sided forward. Has played in the UEFA for Marseille but under UEFA Champions League regulations 15.12 and 15.13 we could register him for the CL.

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