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  1. I don't think that applies on the road. Most track events are definitively measurable and generally the fastest riders win - hence going into Beijing many of our track cyclists were known to be the fastest and those that were only marginally ahead of the competition going in blew the rest away with their qualifying times. The road throws in so many extra variables. It's probably the most difficult event in sport to guarantee a win as an individual even if you're acknowledged to be the best. That's why winning the road race brings you the acknowledgment as the best cyclist in the world no ma
  2. Rushian

    The meeting

    I would add that anyone who doesn't think Rafa's job is still seriously under threat is deluding themselves. A win over the Mancs might just knock some sense into a few thick heads so let's just hope for the best on Sunday.
  3. Rushian

    The meeting

    A quote from me half an hour before DarkBailo posted the above when it was suggested I guess Rushian has heard some news from the meeting yesterday: "No. Not even sure if there was a meeting. Just more a feeling of impending doom based on the clear lack of support from those at the highest level for the manager, coupled with what appears to me to be a cheerleading exercise at the Echo for Rafa. I still think the most pertinent article of the last week was Tony Barratt's defence of the reserve/youth team and those that have been brought in the last 18 months "post-Heighway". It comes to som
  4. Not for European aways it isn't. System worked well in the past, now it's a tout's paradise.
  5. It was never a chant though - it was a banner out in Barca. You can submit any old rubbish to the BBC chant section and they'll publish it.
  6. Rushian

    New Stadium

    That's the area we'll expand with an extra tier (or two) to take the capacity from 61000 into the mid 70000s.
  7. Bootle's a well known localised hot spot. The Strand is a sun trap.
  8. Team for Toulouse: Reina Arbeloa Carragher Paletta Insua Benayoun Mascherano Sissoko Leto Kewell Torres play the warm weather team.
  9. Rushian

    New Stadium

    Build another tier on the stand opposite the new Kop. The roof has been designed high enough there to fit it in.
  10. Rushian

    New Stadium

    There won't be enough space. Only feasible if you have loads of space around the pitch between the touchline and the stands e.g. a running track.
  11. Rushian

    New Stadium

    Arsenal got £45m for 15 years naming rights. It is often incorrectly quoted as £100m, because there was also an 8 year shirt sponsorship deal for £55m announced at the same time, hence the "£100m deal".
  12. Which suggests that Mascherano has a contract with MSI which still runs for a certain length of time beyond the end of this season, otherwise he'd be available on a Bosman.
  13. Rushian

    New Stadium

    I can't imagine they'd unveil the stadium without the owners being in town - not sure they are at the moment.
  14. He didn't say Paletta would be poor - he said it was too early in his development for him to move and he'd be better off playing regularly at River Plate (who wanted to sign him) than in our reserves.
  15. Those are clearly the plans before the stadium is wrapped in it's exterior skin.
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