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Capello to the scum?

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Even if he went, I think we'd still have the better manager.




Capello reveals Man Utd interest


Fabio Capello has admitted it would be a 'dream come true' to one day manage Manchester United.

The Juventus boss has been linked with Manchester United and a return to Real Madrid, but insists he is happy to remain in Italy for now.


"To be a coach of Manchester United would be a dream come true," he was quoted in the Daily Star newspaper.


"It would be the same for any manager, but I have not had any offers from the directors of Manchester United."


Capello has expressed his interest in coming to the Premiership in the past, and was expected to be in the running for the United job when Sir Alex Ferguson planned to step down in 2002, only for the Scot to change his mind.


The Italian added: "United are a great club and they have a historic coach. For me, Ferguson has the maximum respect.


"I am very happy with Juventus and I want to win the title and the Champions League and we are serious contenders for both.


"Always there are rumours about me being linked with Real Madrid and Manchester United.


"At the moment I want to end my project with Juventus and see them through to the summer.


"But I would never discard a chance to work in England if the circumstances were right. The Premiership is a very attractive championship and I would love to prove that I can work in England as well as in Italy and Spain."

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when i heard Ged was leaving Capello was my first choice to replace him - i think he's f00kin' great.. thankfully though we got someone who's greater! :yes:


edit: hope he doesn't go the Mancs btw.. he's got far too much class about him..

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Capello is on holiday over here atm and has had meetings with Florentino


doesn't surprise me to be honest mate.. he seemed to speak favourably (well, from the quotes i saw) of Real so could see it happening.. he's a great manager - would make Real a force again i'm sure..

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Juventus are worried about Real sniffing around Capello. There is talk that the signing of Cassano was requested by Capello. Juventus have issued a statement saying that Capello is going nowhere and now there is talk of a multi-million Euro deal being offered to keep him in Turin.

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Capello will come to England, win a title a feck off back to the Italian National team.


Or go to Real, with assurances that he will have far more independence that the average blanco coach has.

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Cappello wont win it so easily in england, rafa will vouch for that. Plus he needs to buy players and is not the sort of manager to get the best out of average players like smith, fletcher etc.



Don Fabio has won national championshipc everywhere he's coached.

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