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In my lifetime (considerably longer than most of you now, I'll admit), football has had some real ups and downs in America. I was here for the tail end of the NASL and remember highlights on Grandstand as a kid. But the league was all a bit hollow and forced and it ultimately collapsed.


In the back of my mind I still think the MLS isn't well established in comparison to the other sports here, but its looking better and better here. Atlanta are the newest team and look at this:




The other thing that I never, ever thought I'd see in my lifetime was the Premier League being on live on one of the networks. It's not only just on, but it's on every week. And the kids in their teens and 20's are absolutely all over it. They have their favorite players and teams and almost seem to care more about it than the other sports here.


I'm sure it is a bit different in the deep south and the midwest, but walk around any big city here and not only do you see people with footie gear on, but it's rare to go a day without seeing someone with Liverpool stuff on.


It's a nice development to be honest.

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