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  1. Will hey be able to stay up that late midweek?
  2. Piers Morgan is a great example of the hysterical response, the horrible c*** that he is.
  3. listened to the Gerrard one earlier, really enjoyed it. Some really interesting stuff on it I thought, especially on his thoughts on managing us.
  4. I dont subscribe to it, but Richard Deitsch (US) does some really interesting articles on the business and tv programming of US sports, he used to write for Sports Illustrated.
  5. Hopefully it's utd at Anfield.
  6. all the blues celebrating like they won the European cup when Gerrard was sent off and we still t****** them
  7. had a utd fan tell me this week he would prefer Brendan Rodgers over Solskjaer at this stage...
  8. It’s ok just think of it as putting the ev in the bottom 3
  9. As part of a roving Dail, Dublin, Belfast, Galway and Cork in a New Ireland
  10. Maybe its a Grand Wizard of the KKK /
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