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No matter how Tomorrows game goes

Mr Makaveli

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I'd just like to say congrats to the lads and Rafa for putting in a serious title challenge. It is all we could have reasonably asked for this season if we were all to admit it at the start of the campaign.


I seem to be one of the few who think Arsenal will actually beat Utd tomorrow as I know that wenger would rather die than have utd lift the title on his day at the theatre.


Another trophyless season perhaps... (Im still dreamin that we can win it until its impossible)... but even if it is, for me it is progress. For me, we've shown utd that we are actually better than them. Gerrard and Torres started 12 times together in the league this year? something like that..


I guess I just wanted to say that we have had our crazy ups and downs over the last few years with the CL and FA cup wins. We havent had that crazy euphoric moment this season but even if we havent, i think that this is the best team we;ve had ever since I've been a liverpool supporter and I'm just lookin forward to next season with a grin on my face cause i honestly think it's ours.


I think Gerrards determination is something that people kind of take for granted at this stage, Alonso has had a greats easona nd for the time that Torres has been on the pitch, he has scored some nice goals. Also delighted to see my tip star Benayoun really making his mark in our run in to the season.


But good luck to us anyway, you never know lads.

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