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Reasons a team's form changes.


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I was think about why certain teams start a campaign well and then fail to carry on the form. Also teams can start a campaign slowly but improve at a rate of knots. This got me thinking about certain events that can have a dramatic effect on a team.


1. Phil Brown taking his team over to the penalty box at half time and rollicking his side in front of the fans...look what has happened to their season from that point.


2. Martin O'Neil admitting that the UEFA cup meant little compared to his side's chances of challenging for 4th...Villa had actually gone ahead of Chelsea into 3rd for a while.


3. Rafa's "Facts" press conference, the day before Stoke City. We then went on a dismal month of form.


4. Wigan's form since Zaki's "holiday", and Bruce's rant.


5. Newcastle United...Keegan / Kinnear's heart problems etc...



There are lots more I'm sure you can list them yourselves.


Perhaps it is a player who moves...one that was bringing disharmony to a dressing room...Rooney at Everton, Ince at Liverpool, etc...


One wonders whether Chelsea would actually become more close-knit if Drogba were to leave.

The same with Ronaldo at Manchester United.





Anyone have a view on this?

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