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Fowler's book


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After some of the negative comments on here about Fowler's autobiography, I approached it with caution - but have found myself really enjoying it.

Then I got to the Houllier era.

Now, I know he feels he was treated harshly and GH and Thompson wanted rid at any opportunity, and that has coloured his memories, but there's no excuse for some of the selective memories. That just reads as personal propoganda.


He claims Sander (form), Babbel (health), Heggem (injury), Gary Mac (end of deal/age) and Redknapp (injury) were "bombed" out of the club.

He claims it was him GH approached about a organising a morale-boosting night-out (pretty sure Redknapp and GH have said separately it was something they had discussed)

He claims to have played well against Tranmere in the FA Cup - I seem to recall a suicidal back-pass that played them in for a goal


On the upside, his insight into the Leeds deal (Ridsdale managing to push up the price to £12m after bringing in agents) made me chuckle

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