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Mascherano and Alonso

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We have the best front two in the league, do we also have the best central midfield partnership?


Given time and space today accentuated the positive aspects of both these players; Xabi's passing was spot on, great range, right choice more often than not and a 90% accuracy rating. Mascherano's aggressive pressing, fierce tackling and marauding runs into the final third complemented this nicely.


You could label these two with not getting into the box enough and not getting enough goals but at the same time they play the way our system dictates, protecting and pulling the strings from deep with the front four given the responsibility to score with emphasis on the full backs to outnumber the opposition in wide areas. With that plan working nicely we've outscored every other team in the league so far this season.


Rather than Alonso departing as was the preliminary plan last summer, we should be focusing on building on these two as vital cogs, along with Reina, Carragher, Gerrard, Kuyt and Torres. Although I wouldn't be against any potential Barry transfer (he's rated as the fifth best player in the league according to Actim but it's a little disconcerting Agbonlahor and Berbatov are 3 and 4) it'd be on the proviso that he'd understand that he'd get roughly the number of games Lucas gets now, plus games filling in on the left. You'd hope we'd last longer in the domestic cups next season so a player who can fill 3 positions to a high standard would be a good signing.

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