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  1. More like Green day. Maldini used a couple of paragraphs to swoon me. Poetry, no less! If I can't use a heart for something I really like reading... What cold, cold world do you live in?
  2. Don't get the Lovren hatred. At all. Why this need to slate players, valuable members of a title winning squad? CL-winner, PL-winner. A 4th choice cb, who could've gone to Italy but for Klopp.
  3. Van Wolfswinkel was heavily linked...
  4. Lovren doesn't deserve the s*** you're throwing at him.
  5. I can't bear to watch this. Especially after quitting cigarettes. Always an agonizing, tooth grinding match. Got several mates who travel to support utd, and for that reason I hope we crush'em. Then I can be all witty and full of pity on their behalf on Facebook. " I bet y'all miss Mourhino now!"
  6. Oh, I can't decide between 'The People's Front of Judea' and 'The Judean People's Front'....
  7. We're surely not talking about Kaare Willoch, the former prime minister of Norway 1981-86?
  8. I'm ok with our squad. All good, decent lads. They all deserve to embark on the quest for a winners medal. What we may lack in new player material, can be resolved with enhanced togetherness, quality training and overall improvement. We've got tons of well-paid assistants/backroom staff , paid to make a difference. Coutinho would've been perfect, he knows our style and could slot straight into the team. But the Båstard left us when Barca wooed him. And our owners are among the best out there, IMHO. And I think Klopp would have told it straight if he wasn't satisfied
  9. It's on!!! We've moved on from baggage-handler to air steward! Good old days, almost
  10. Well, at home yes. ST.James park is tricky. So is Rafa
  11. Salah & Messi will meet at a desert gas station somewhere hot, but none of them will get the prize they covet. Some sorts of coke involved. Balls, tyres and signs.
  12. I have no belief in hammering a Benitez team. It'll be a teeth-gnashing, slowgrinding, hard work, excruciating fixture
  13. First & only match Date: 7/11/2010 Opposition: Chelsea Location in ground: Centenary Starting Line Up: A marvellous Hodgson team : Reina, Konchesky, Kelly, Carragher, Skrtel, Meireles, Gerrard, Lucas, Maxi, Kuyt, Torres Final Score: 2-0 Goalscorers: Torres*2 Magnificent view of the Kop. I exploded in tears, totally unexpected. Like a top shelf religious experience . Torres' last games against the plastics before he joined them. One of Lucas finest showings, the Owl barely rubbed his face, a Torres brace... My senses bombarded with sounds & sights & feeli
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