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  1. chiefy


    Yeah, makes sense. Wonder what the real numbers are here. My daughter has had the symptoms since weds night. Off school until next Thursday. No testing means we have no idea whether she has it or something else.
  2. chiefy


    Is the high mortality rate down to the ageing population in Lombardy? I would find it interesting (maybe reassuring) if we had daily death rates from the flu, alongside this one. Would that contextualise this? Or create misinformed complacency (based on experts saying this is not like the flu).
  3. chiefy


    The idea of building up immunity in the less at risk population sounds sensible to me. It seems like no vaccine until early mid next year so what happens in nov/Dec? We’re back to where we are now? It’s a different approach to the rest of the world (which worries me) but is it worth looking at a more medium term view?
  4. Real shame. Thought we were excellent up to their first. Ox great and Hendo superb. Klopp said we had to be perfect. Nearly.
  5. I would be ok with them getting Grealish and I hope we don't go for him. I think he would drive me mad - I don't see him as a Klopp type player at all - whenever I have seen him he has lacked work rate and positional discipline (though tbh, I've not watched loads of Villa).
  6. They are both really poor sides. I’ve not watched much apart from our games this season, but those I have watched have seemed a real drop in quality compared to us. We are just so ace. Love it.
  7. Yeah, I really don’t normally feel this way about our lads. If anything I am stupidly rose tinted and think they are all world beaters. It’s just Deggsy that I have a rational hatred of.
  8. I hate Lovren. I keep thinking I’m being harsh, think about hating him less and then he inevitably reminds me that I am right to hate him.
  9. You beat me to it. Yep, back to his best and in this form he is superb.
  10. chiefy

    Joe Gomez

    I thought he did pretty well. Properly saved us on a couple of occasions. Thought VVD was a little casual at times.
  11. Am driving up tomorrow. I normally park at St Domingo (club used to offer pre-booked parking there). I've not done this for about a year now and can't see any way of booking that parking. Any ideas on best place to park? Happy to pay for officialish parking and a bit of a walk. Cheers
  12. Heard it break on the radio and let out a massive 'yessssssssss'. Just brilliant news.
  13. Big big win. Doing alright with Adrian. Imagine having Alison back...
  14. chiefy

    Welcome Fabinho

    I think Fabinho has elements of Hamann and Mascherano to his game. But, yeah Hamann probably a better example. The reason the Mascherano comparison jumped out to me is I think Fabinho is superb at breaking up play and winning the ball back in a quick and aggressive way (rarely giving away fouls - the anti-Lucas!). He then keeps it pretty simple with his distribution. Where he is better than Masch and probably Hamann is that he has the skill to do more (the flick over the head on Tuesday night for example) when he needs to.
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