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Is this a fair statement?


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Houiller and Benitez between them have signed exactly one player with real attacking quality.



I think it is. Aside from Torres, we haven't had a decent attacking signing in 10 years. We've had competent players, average players, fellas that came in and did a job, but nobody that was actually good, never mind great. Gerrard came through the youth team, as opposed to a purchase.


In that time, how many have United had? Or Arsenal? Chelsea, even? I mean, Chelsea, relative newcomers to the title race, have had the likes of Duff and Robben doing well for a couple of seasons, they've had Anelka this season, Drogba for several before that, plus Lampard and so on. You could argue the toss over any of them, but you can at least make a case for more than one of them.


Meanwhile, we've grafted and tried to compete with the likes of Baros , Barmby and Riera, while our biggest money attacking signings like Diouf, Babel, Keane and Cisse have failed to make any impact.


One decent forward in ten years. It's amazing we're still competing at all.

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