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chelsea minus drogba

Guest spk

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ok so lets take it as red that chelsea are losing drogba this summer. thats a massive problem for them - as big a blow as us loosing torres or united ronaldo. whatever your thoughts on him he is a f***ing goal machine and its fairly clear anelka isnt up to the job. are there any strikers in europe that would fit the bill in terms of replacing him? ok money isnt an object but theres does seem to be a real issue getting established players to sign up for an english club, especially if theyve got the choice of chelsea or a continental club like the milans, real or barca the majority of them will opt for the continental option.

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eto'o? huntelaar? claudio pizarro?


etos an interesting option. the other two tho i reckon will stay on the continent

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Guest Prongsy

I think that a new manager will come in, so will 3/4 top players including a striker - Villa or Eto - somebody with a different style.

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