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  1. We have an impressive defence in fairness but the 14th highest goal tally is humiliating.
  2. Less of those Spanish insults please
  3. Right back at you. V Blackburn watch the amount of our attacks that result in Suarez giving away needless free kicks.
  4. Seen a lot of Shaqira. Decent player at Swiss league and occasional Champs Lge and international level but will need major change of physique for Prem Lge.
  5. Amazingly skilful player but outperforms Drogba, Ronaldo and anyone else in complaining - most frustratingly during play - at the slightest slight. The game is full of drama queens but we should expect better.
  6. adiman


    Shelvey has it all. Great to see him back and he will replace Gerrard and so much more.
  7. So slating Carroll, Kuyt, Lucas, Skrtel is ok but questioning the manager is disrespectful. Did no one else expect more from Kenny? Why aren't we killing off teams, why has no plan B been worked out for Carroll, why are the likes of Suarez and Downing not being coached in finishing, why have Charlie Adam's setpieces gone to pot, why have we no reliable designated penalty taker, why had Suarez not been told to behave?
  8. adiman


    Are we allowed to critisise Dirk? Best LFC player for last 5 years. Showing age and not fancied by Kenny.
  9. Great. Topic closed. We're all happy with 6th, Carroll's performance, lack of goals, Meireles leaving etc then.
  10. No I wa suicidal then. My expectations with Kenny were and remain so much higher.
  11. Thats the point he's not infallible. But I'm only letting off steam so apoligies for any offence. I want so much more and I want the King to deliver and I'm pissed and pissed off.
  12. This forum is so insular. Sad that you are all happy with 6th and draws with Swansea, Norwich and Wigan. Ok I'm trolling a bit but come on give me reasons to be cheerful. Tonight's latest example of how far we are behind a s*** Manc side and the embarassing Suarez debacle has left me bereft. Maybe I'm just being premature in judging but I expect more than blaming everyone else for us being 6th.
  13. The honeymoon is over. We're doomed to another season of reaching for 4th spot if the stars align. Kenny has been in a year and time to be judged: He has wasted LFC's biggest transfer fee on a player who has scored 4 goals in a year and he doesn't trust to start. Spent £20m plus on the player who has scored once since October and who excels in his petulance and has brought unprecedented disgrace on the club this week. Sold one the top 10 greatest LFC players of all time and has failed to replace him Spent 20 mil on average players like Downing and Henderson Squandered 10 mil on a dead ball spe
  14. Champagne socialist so pretty much spot on
  15. The no angel was for him using language that could easily be preceived as racist. If only he hadn't have said negro, negrito etc all this corruption nonsense might actually make sense.
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