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Potential Manc final in moscow


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I am not jumping any guns etc, obviously we have to get past arsenal at anfield which will be very difficult, IMO far more difficult than trying to beat chelsea or fernabache


However - there is a very, very real possibility of a manc v Liverpool final this year. I can feel it in my bones, I have a funny feeling fernabache are going to score at stamford bridge and knock chelsea out


The very thought of it makes me feel physically sick, I can not imagine a worse experience to be honest, I would not enjoy one second of it due to nerves


Winning would be the best ever, better than istanbul, but losing ........... F;ckin ell I think I would kill myself, I would not be able to eat or anything if they beat us in a European cup final.


Can you even begin to imagine a manc/liverpool final without feeling physically sick ?

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huyton red - not content with mockering an entire season with his annual "i am convinced we will win the league this season" post he rolls out every august ...is going for a league/cl double.


we are at half time in the qf. haven't even qualified for the semi.


stupid f***ing post. stupid. f***ing. post.

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We all said the same things last year when it was a round closer and it didn't happen.


I do think Fenerbahce are going to do for Chelsea though, I said that a couple of weeks ago well before their first leg.

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