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In the light of today's report in the Liverpool Echo where it was claimed Mr Hicks walked away from negotiations because he rejected DIC's proposal of a supporter's representative with full voting rights, we would like to clarify amongst the support on as wide a basis as possible where they stand on such an issue.[/font]


It's become ever clearer Mr Hicks' first, second and third priority with Liverpool FC is to make as much money as possible. Wanting the club to be financially strong isn't, in itself, a bad thing. It only becomes a bad thing when, as emphasised by his statement last night, the interests of Kop Holdings are specified to be different to that of LFC and its supporters. As we argued last night, it is enough for Kop Holdings to reach a very significant return on its investment by getting the stadium built and keeping the club in fourth place. That isn't enough for LFC's supporters.


Given the fact that Mr Hicks will struggle to raise further loans to refinance his existing debts or to expand upon the stadium we have an opportunity to exert financial pressure on him. We can emphasise, to him and to anyone who would loan him further money or anyone who would come on board alongside him to invest in Liverpool Football Club that we will not allow ourselves to be the cash-cow he wants us while he treats us with such disrespect. We can emphasise we are prepared to deny the club money to lower its viability as an investment. We can emphasise that we are more than a brand and that those who love Liverpool the world over love it as something way beyond a sports team and instead see it as something central to their lives and will go to any lengths to protect it as such.


Carlsberg have done nothing wrong. They have a product in the marketplace very similar to a host of other products and part of how they try to boost their product's sales the world over is an association with the "brand" of Liverpool FC, the "brand" of The Kop, the "brand" of the 12th man. However, we need to get the message across to them and any future sponsors that we, the very brand they are paying good money to capitalise on, are not happy with the current leadership and that by being associated with Liverpool FC at this time they are associating themselves with a man who threatens everything they want to associate their brand with.


On Merseyside, Carlsberg sell thousands of barrels of ale every week. They monitor their sales on a week by week basis. The Merseyside territory is in the top 5, in terms of sales volume. Therefore any boycott will get the message across quickly that we want Hicks out now. It is definable and most importantly any Carlsberg drinker has lots of alternatives at any given bar.


Therefore, while we don't want to hurt Carlsberg, we should use this way of getting our message across to Carlsberg, to any other current or future sponsors, that we want Tom Hicks out and that financially backing him or the football club while he remains in charge is not a financially wise move.

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