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  1. Great start, probably our toughest game away to Ajax, (obviously Atalanta is an unknown), but 3 points already and it is really is in our hands to secure early qualification for the knockout rounds when we will have a stronger squad through returnees and/or January buys. It’s looking good for getting our trophy back from Bayern.
  2. Michael

    Welcome VvD

    We are all feeling angry and upset about Virgil’s loss, but just remember we have Thiago in front of the back four. Everything will be fine. Virge needs a rest, he will come back at the right time to seal our Premier League and Champion’s League triumphs. We are going to have a fantastic season. Only the loss of Klopp could floor us, and we still have him, so everything is good.
  3. You can get a bottle of that without that bottle from clickndrink for £120 and fifteen percent off your first order. It’s lovely stuff, better than courvoisier, hine , remy Martin and Martel XOs
  4. We just need to hang in there at the moment. When we have our full team up and running we are way ahead of everyone. I really fancy us to retain the PL and get get our CL back as well.
  5. When they last entered the top flight of English football, unbroken to this day.
  6. Surely for the duration of his tenure in the side, Adrian should be told to kick it long. We could try and win the second ball and even if we don’t it will be well away from our goal.
  7. We only need a deflection off Robertson for the whole back four to have scored
  8. Any chance several of our players have Covid and shown a false negative in tests?
  9. We have conceded 8 goals in three and a half games.
  10. Villa players run to the ball, but we wait for it to come to us.
  11. I bet Bluemoon is claiming it’s fixed because we got Group D.
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