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  1. It’s just my opinion, no-one obviously agrees with it, but I bet the one big signing Klopp makes this summer is a centre half to partner Van Dijk.
  2. No, he is not and never has been top class. Very good, fast and willing, but not top class.
  3. I reckon the one place for which we will spend money this summer is for a top quality partner for Van Dijk. Gomez is a good back up, but still not good enough.
  4. How many times have we had our forwards held like that and got nothing?
  5. They have a history of saying stuff like that to save face. They stated that Van Dijk was too expensive, but that was after he had made it clear that he only wanted to join us. Had he fluttered his eyelashes at them they would have paid the fee. United are doing the same thing today in saying that they value Sancho at £50m. He has obviously turned them down despite their offer of twice that amount.
  6. He’s always moving to his right, he just didn’t do the salute this time
  7. Napoli win the Coppa Italia 4-2 on penalties after a 0-0 game against Juventus.
  8. It’s the first game back. They should cut him some flac.
  9. The Brazil side that lost 7-1 at home to Germany, yes.
  10. What are the chances that we are more interested in Adama Traore than Werner?
  11. Michael


    “All the police in Solihull” (their quote) have had to go down to Dorridge park tonight to break up a party held by 60 teenagers and twenty somethings causing damage and anti social behaviour. we are all going to be in lockdown again before the football season restarts.
  12. Michael


    Can’t blame his eyes for this one.
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