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Up until a month ago most fans agreed on where we needed to improve, a right winger, a partner for Torres a left back maybe even a left winger has that changed slightly with the new formation?


Stevie and Torres really do have something special between them but i still think we need a partner for Torres in those games where we want to go 4-4-2.


I also think that right wing / right forward position is one we could strengthen, im not convinced by Pennant and while Kuyts played well in that role i think we can do better there, i think that position is more suited still to a right winger rather than a forward thats going to play out wide although there are some forwards out there that are specialised at playing that type of wide forward position, Farfan at PSV is one example.


I also think the fullback positions are now much more important in the new formation, im happy with Arbeloa and he can play right or left but at least 1 top quality attacking fullback is a must.

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