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  1. I like your thinking, except that the CAS ruling has also set the fee for refusal to allow FFP investigation: €10m per year.
  2. This. Point made on MoTD "do you think it might help to have former players in the VAR suite?". Well yeah, it wouldn't be a terrible idea to have people who have actually played the game involved in officiating...
  3. Neco saving us a goal there. Carra-esque!
  4. Positives from tonight: 1) Result didn't matter at all 2) City will think they're better than they are 3) We might get more transfer funds 😉 4) It's a kick up the a*** to the squad to re-focus, and remove any complacency if there was ever a danger of it after the last 13 months. 5) Jurgen might say something funny in the post-match.
  5. Backup stream: http://www.hesgoal.com/news/63344/Manchester_City_vs_Liverpool.html
  6. http://liveonscore.net/soccer-streams/manchester-city-vs-liverpool/
  7. genghis


    Bloody hell Jurgen. That's done me.
  8. On this basis they should be enormously keen on Lovren. We should suggest a p/x with Saka/Martinelli 😄
  9. Clem (77) VVD (19) Gerrard (05) Souness (81) Dalglish (84) Sub: Hughes (78)
  10. Great foul by Origi - stopped a break, which since Degsy came on, we're susceptible to.
  11. Christ, we take him for granted sometimes. He's excellent.
  12. Agree with that. That's a collection of very high quality goals - and his record in Spain suggests he was a very good striker... averages a goal every other game the past 5 years. Maybe he was too young when he came to us, maybe being out of position so much didn't help. Can't help thinking the Aspas of the last 5 years would've been more useful to us than the broken Sturridge we had after that 2013 season.
  13. genghis


    Yep, totally. Straight from the Trump playbook.
  14. genghis


    So sorry for you Sammy, that's heartbreaking. Hope your mum finds peace with it, and that you and your missus can take good care of each other. YNWA.
  15. genghis


    Some top-line stats: At this time of year, there are usually c. 1400 deaths per day in the UK, of which c. 200 are respiratory-related (COPD, pneumonia, flu etc) So Covid-19 fatalities yesterday were c.260 officially recorded, meaning it's already greater than the total of all respiratory-related deaths would normally be, and rising sharply. The full mortality stats (i.e. including other causes of death) for this week won't be out from the ONS for another 2 weeks, but suffice to say there are good reasons for all the extreme measures being taken over Covid-19 so far.
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