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  1. Konate. 6'5 I think. Like Upamecano is French and 21, and looks brilliant for his age.
  2. A few years ago I worked at one of the big sports data providers, and did a huge analysis of ref stats over the past 20 years. The most shocking thing wasn't the awarding of pens, but how many fouls it took to earn a yellow card, and how much it varied per team for a single ref. From memory, as an example Webb took 12 fouls per yellow given to Man U players, but fewer than 4 for LFC ones, across their entire career.
  3. So if we bid €40m they'll be forced to Lego of him?
  4. Agreed - didn't mean to run Mo down! He's been our sharpest attacker by a mile, but Sadio is a freak of a player with his pressing allied to his creativity in attack.
  5. Not sure if you're kidding, but yeah - not sure either Mbappe or Sancho presses quite like Sadio, ignoring their similar skill levels.
  6. That made me laugh, which is quite the achievement given the circumstances.
  7. 6-1 was Jurgen's worst ever defeat as manager, at Mainz. And here we are.
  8. Sadly I think this might have been OGS' last match in charge.
  9. Yeah. Now they're absurdly too good for lower league oppos. Jones, Shaq and Tak looking great.
  10. He had a very long season with Bayern, and played 4 days ago. Not that surprised tbh.
  11. And adds another reason why good players would want to come here. Especially good forwards if any of our front 3 leaves. Number of chances you'll get here... Our 1st choice midfield is now Fabinho, Henderson, Thiago. Terrifying.
  12. Good article on him from March in 442: https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/wolves-diogo-jota-nuno-espirito-santo-tottenham-spurs-goal-premier-league
  13. 1) Wolves have let us spread the payments very generously - 1st year being nothing besides Hoever's value 2) Jota's probably on less than half the wages Werner was after. 3) Suspect we've only moved on Jota now we're sure we're getting in decent money for Origi, Brewster, Grujic et al.
  14. Quick enough and a very fast initial burst, gets past defenders with a bit of control and a lot of acceleration. Also quite narky, which is no bad thing in a forward.
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