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  1. genghis


    Some top-line stats: At this time of year, there are usually c. 1400 deaths per day in the UK, of which c. 200 are respiratory-related (COPD, pneumonia, flu etc) So Covid-19 fatalities yesterday were c.260 officially recorded, meaning it's already greater than the total of all respiratory-related deaths would normally be, and rising sharply. The full mortality stats (i.e. including other causes of death) for this week won't be out from the ONS for another 2 weeks, but suffice to say there are good reasons for all the extreme measures being taken over Covid-19 so far.
  2. genghis


    In response to the absence of actual live footy, I've been filling some of the imposed home-dwelling with full re-runs of: Istanbul v Barca semi last year v West Ham FA Cup final v Alaves UEFA Cup final I would recommend this to everyone. Next up, I'm going to start re-watching all our games from this season...
  3. "He won't say it but I will: he's the best Brazilian player in the world. Neymar's not fit to lace his boots" 😀
  4. genghis


    Sadly no, all it takes is a country to take a politicised/incompetent approach to containing it. China went full-on autocracy from very early (i.e. as soon as they admitted there was an outbreak - thanks to a whistleblower doctor). All kinds of measures we'd find extreme - mandatory distance between people inside buildings, total quarantine on regions at risk, travel bans - means that the spread of the disease was slowed. Compare this to the US and UK where personals freedoms are politicised and prioritised over the public good, and you likely have a much higher daily infection rate. This leads to an overwhelming of the health care system - purely in terms of the rate at which people are presenting for treatment - which in turn leads to a higher mortality rate than China (hence why Italy's is currently close to 5%, while China's is under 1%). I would go on, but this should be in the thread in the Genny. Best info: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca
  5. The Loris Karius Memorial Cannon?
  6. Yeah 🙂 but tonight we're a bit worried about Oblak I think - Mo hitting shots much harder than he usually does... and I think Oblak's got a bigger rep than Ali did 2 years ago.
  7. Cos when we shoot, we've got Oblak in our heads, like other teams' strikers usually have Alisson.
  8. genghis


    The only risk to FCPG I'd imagine is that he gets briefly famous, not offed. But I'm speaking outside of my remit - and it's FCPG's call as to how involved he gets!
  9. genghis


    Ha! No, this is from the side of the good guys, not the t***s.
  10. genghis


    Hey FCPG going to DM you - someone very senior in UK health wants to talk to you about this. Edit: and turns out I can't DM you...
  11. In a fantasy world, we get Havertz in some sort of swap deal for Keita. Havertz looks other-worldly in terms of being big, fast, technical, a good passer and finisher. Hopefully he's also not secretly a shrinking violet on contact with English soil
  12. Main reason he unsettles the defence is that he plays like an old school man-marker, rather than part of a positionally disciplined defence. Which means, as others have said, the whole of the rest of the defence is slightly out of position, unsure what's happening next, unable to play a tight offside trap (as they don't know where Lovren's going to be), and always waiting to see how the Lovren-vs-his-man battle goes before they react. That's not how we defend when he's not in the team.
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