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Just received the following e-mail from ShareLiverpool:


First, let me thank you for ticking the 'Count me in!' feedback box on the website for the ShareLiverpoolFC scheme. Thanks, too, for your patience; it has taken us some time to be able to get back to you directly, but we hope to be able to stay in touch with you now, both via email and through the new, 'Latest News' page at: www.shareliverpoolfc.com


As you will understand, it has taken us some time to recover from the huge initial response to our proposal (you can read about the numbers on the news page), and for us to get together formally as the 'Share LiverpoolFC Steering Group' (SLSG). We have also updated the news page to tell you who some of the members of the SLSG are and how we plan to proceed from here.


We have also established the Share LiverpoolFC Company Ltd so we have a legal base from which to operate.


This is the start of a very challenging but exciting adventure and you have taken the first step on the way. No group of fans has ever attempted a 'buy out' of a big English club with a view to installing a one-member; one-vote system of ownership ? not unlike the model used so commonly in Spain, most famously at Barcelona, and elsewhere on mainland Europe. But as anger and dissatisfaction grows amongst fans (not just at Liverpool FC) about the way in which Club ownership is being traded, the question of 'Who should own our football clubs?' will rise increasingly to the surface.


We are leading an 'ownership revolution' that will deliver LFC into the hands of its fans and also act as an inspiration to many others with similar concerns (Liverpool fans are used to leading the way!). We at Liverpool are lucky; we love and support a Club with a huge following, at home and abroad, which makes us 'fan rich'.


There is enough of us to make this work; we just need to get the message out; explain the concept in much more detail and rely on the strength and intensity of the relationship that Liverpool fans all round the world have with their Club to make it happen.


That's precisely what we will be doing over the next few weeks. You will probably have heard that we have been joined by two 'Liverpool Legends' ? Phil Thompson & John Aldridge have 'signed' for the ShareLiverpoolFC scheme (if you haven't heard, go to our webpage). We will address the local and global following as directly as we can by running publicity campaigns in UK, Asia, USA and Scandinavia (some major 'hot-spots' of LFC fans), also visiting some of these regions to raise the profile of the campaign.


We'll give it our best shot ? but without your support there is little we can do. We urge you to tell every Reds fan you know about the share Liverpool scheme; direct them to the website and encourage them to reply via the tick boxes.




In the meantime, we will try to stay in touch with you via email and the 'latest news' page on the website. At the moment, it is difficult to reply to individual emails, so please bear with us.


So, Welcome aboard! And many thanks for your support. LFC needs us as much now as at any time in the past.


Rogan Taylor,


On behalf of the Share Liverpool Steering Group






An interesting use of '?' aside, not much of an update, but passed on nevertheless.


[Awaits deluge of 'Nice idea, but it will never happen' type comments!].

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