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Hicks thinks he is in charge.


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Sorry if this is a repeat, im only home from work and Im tired. I saw on sky news that he is willing to block Gillette in his attempt to sell his shares.


lads im totally fed up with this guy... things were just settling down and he comes out with this. I'm tired and annoyed... im aware that my judgement is a little clouded by this but I think that the previous talk of a boycott is now maybe needed.


He thinks he is in charge? if he cant pay the bills then he will soon realise that he has no power at all.


I think an almost all out boycott is needed... since i love the CL so much, i dont think its realistic to boycott tyhis but id actually be in favour of boycotting premiership matches.. reguardless of what it might cost us int he long run (not qualifying for the Cl next year maybe)....


home that is some bit legible lads... again sorry if i missed where it was brought up before (if it has been)


im so f***ed off by this tosser and i want him out by whatever means.

what a c***.

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