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    Welcome VvD

    Gutted for VVD lets smash this league again
  2. Thiago Alcantara vs Everton (Via Squawka Football) ◉ Most touches (93) ◉ Most passes (70) ◉ Most passes in opp.half (48) ◉ Most take-ons completed (4) ◉ Most interceptions (2)
  3. Sumptuous blind pass from Tiggy
  4. That was f***ing beautiful Mo
  5. Klopp on transfers: "Chelsea signed a lot of players. That can be an advantage, of course, but that mean they have to fit together pretty quickly as well. It's not only about bringing quality in, you cannot bring in the 11 best players in the world and just hope a week later they play the best football they ever will play. It's about working together on the training ground. That will probably be an advantage for us because we've worked quite a while with each other."
  6. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-suspend-season-ticket-sales-18874197
  7. https://www.thisisanfield.com/2020/09/nike-vowed-to-ditch-the-templates-then-gave-liverpool-and-england-exactly-the-same-kit/
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