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so up the halfway mark....

floyd the barber

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well we`ve now had a decent look, what our the thoughts on the new buys..


aurillio - looked poor when first placed in the side, then of course got an injury...will take a bit of time to settle, still cant shake the feeling he`ll be forever a squadie and isnt really good enough at either left bk or left mid


gonzalez - has looked impressive at times, shocking awful the next...like aurillio, gonzo will need some time to adjust...though is definetly one for the future.....ive seen some harsh coments against him, we definetly need to give him a bit of time and patience cos he definetly has the talent.


bellamy - noticeable improvement since the courtcase, has impressed myself with his work rate and hes now finding the scoresheet....im STILL not convinced hes the longterm solution and would be highly suprised if he lasts at anfield for longer than a couple of seasons....


kuyt - an exciting start, though has faltered of late....looks well of the pace and definetly needs a break.....he has the quality, though does our current system and play suit his style??


Pennant - ughhhh been awful, hopefully some good lashings behind the scenes might get his ass into gear.....


Paletta - havent really seen enough, hes seemed a bit raw when he has tepped onto the pitch..no suprises there...one for the future



so overall - maybe a 5 out of 10 for Rafas buys.....pretty poor in general so far.

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