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Gray - YPC

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His Autobiography? It was in Sainsburys on Wednesday! I finished it last night!


Not a bad read... nothing really that interesting, apart from a scrape with the law and a few practical jokes and that. It's worth reading for a Liverpool fan, but not for fans of other clubs I'd say.


Has a go at a few players, but most of the time they are Liverpool players!! Far too much love for some Chelsea players, particularly John Terry (JT did this, JT text me that) for my liking. It doesn't really shed any light on the whole Chelsea shenanigans.


The highlights for me was the first chapter where he spoke about the effect Hillsborough had on him, and it's good to see that he's helping make sure the new and foreign players understand how important it is to me, and that The S*n is never welcome at Melwood, and of course the run to Istanbul.


There is on massive revelation that made me sick to my core:

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He wore a Man Utd shirt with #7 and Robson on the back until his arl fella collared him and had words.
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